Pricing policy

Our Pricing Policy

In-store & Online pricing across our website is the same with little to no exceptions. In order for us to keep our prices lower than others, we have to be very strict about how we manage our prices. All of our merchandise is priced to sell.

What does priced to sell mean?

When a retailer “us” prices a product, we set a goal of moving that product quickly from out store and into your home. After all, we’re not furniture collectors. To move product quickly we have to price everything just right. This means we do lots & lots of competitive price shopping for you, saving you valuable time.

Do we offer refunds?

Yes, ultimately if you are unhappy with your purchase you can return it to our store within 30 days of original purchase for a small restocking fee of 15% Why do we charge a restocking fee? We charge a fee because in many cases what you purchase is a custom order that we normally would not put on our floor. This means in many cases we have to re-pack and pay for shipping to send back to our suppliers. If we can’t cover our cost we would be forced to charge more for our merchandise, which is not our goal.

Is there a fee to exchange products? 

Absolutely not, we rather you exchange your purchase with something you would rather prefer. For example… you purchased a mattress that is giving you back pains, bring it back and exchange it for something else.  We would never charge you to exchange your purchase.

However… please note: If you received your purchase with free shipping you are responsible for bringing it back to us. There is a service charge for pick-ups, prices vary*

If the item/product you are exchanging for is more or less, we or you will be responsible for paying the difference.

Damages for returns and exchanges:

Merchandise/products/items that are returned damaged will encounter a variable fee depending on the extent of the damage. We are pretty reasonable, but please do not damage something we have to re-sell.

 Effective date November 12th 2018

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