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Early Beginning’s:

Since 1971, Corsicana Mattress Company has been exceeding retailers’ highest expectations. Providing the best-in-class personalized service, developing high-quality sleep solutions or continuously improving the world-class manufacturing capabilities. Because this company  deliver’s unmatched customer care and exceptional mattresses each and every time.

Products range from

Promotional bedding to premium mattresses featuring the latest in sleep technology. It’s the straightforward simplicity of delivering the most comfort and best quality at the highest value. And that makes Corsicana mattresses an easy choice.

Everyone deserves a great night’s sleep:

At an exceptional value, Corsicana’s purpose is to provide that “Dream” experience.

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Mattress tufting is a traditional method of ensuring that the upholstery within a mattress remains in place. So thereby giving the mattress surface a uniform feel.  Because Tufting is done by hand on a machine and is both an art and a craft. Tufting is one of the hallmarks of a fine mattress.

Because science has proven that positive performance is affected by the quality of your sleep.


Eastman House represents over 150 years of mattress making tradition.

Attention to Detail

Artisans employ time-tested methods in the art of mattress making.

Reflect Back in time and relax when life and quality of sleep were essential. It Takes Time to Make a Great Mattress!

Chittenden & Eastman began in Burlington, Iowa along the banks of the Great Mississippi River. Where American workers built our railroads and harvested fields of corn and grain. So as a leading U.S. mattress manufacturer of quality sleep, taking pride in producing every Chittenden & Eastman mattress. Committed to excellence … creating each mattress as if it were for the people in our lives who matter the most! Chittenden & Eastman is now headquartered in New Jersey. And manufacturing mattresses worldwide in over 60 countries. A heritage at Chittenden & Eastman continues to be formed by the pursuit of a better night’s sleep.

Inside every Chittenden & Eastman House Mattress, you’ll discover multi-tiered coil technology, handcrafted tufting, natural wool for luxurious comfort, natural latex for comfortable longevity, and natural fibers for temperature control.


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Wisconsin Furniture | Furniture & Mattress Outlet

Furniture & Mattress Outlet

Is a 3rd generation family run business, with my Grandpa, and Father. Opening their first store in 1991 in Bemidji MN. With my job bringing me to Brodhead 4 years ago, I thought it would be a great time to start my career. So i jumped into the family business and I, Tony Rice, with the help of my family Marta, Silas, and William we opened our first location. Furniture & Mattress Outlet, in the beautiful city of Brodhead Wisconsin.

Done the right way:

I want to offer prices that cant be beat, and with service’s few others are able to compete. But I don’t want to tell customers I have the lowest prices, I want to show them. So that doesn’t mean you should sacrifice quality.

Because I have just removed the high percentage markups of other furniture and mattress stores, and want to focus on volume. So With repeat business, my prices are what will bring you into the store. Because our attitude is what will keep you coming back.

Furniture and Mattress outlet focuses on a business plan with a common sense approach, as well as living by the golden rule. “treat others how you want to be treated.”


Our Stories

This is a brand new store and I made my first mattress purchase due to the quality, comfort, and the price. I highly recommend and will purchase again!! I love local! Thanks again!

Happy Facebook Customer

We stopped in last weekend just to look, we were greeted and welcomed right away! The owner and his Dad were very helpful and knowledgeable and we ended up buying a mattress after the great deal we were offered. Love supporting small businesses and love being treated so nicely. They offered next day delivery and called after a few days to see how we liked it. We highly recommend them for all your furniture needs!

Happy Facebook Customer

This place is GREAT!!! Bought a Mattress set tonight. With in an hour of buying it was delivered to my house. The guys who delivered the mattress were very nice and help full didn't have to lift a finger. Will be back if I need anything else.

Happy Facebook Customer

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